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Company Voluntary Arrangement Specialists – TaxGone

We believe that we are one of the UK leaders of Company Voluntary Arrangements – CVA and act for Directors and shareholders of small to medium sized businesses. Our consultants have many years experience in re-scheduling all types of corporate tax arrears and trade debts, with well over 2,000 arrangements that have been agreed. We also assist Directors with the Adjournment of Winding up Petitions. Should you wish to liquidate your company we can prepare the paperwork for either a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation or a Members Voluntary Liquidation.

Probably the most important factor that influences directors to use our services is the fact that we are very approachable, talk in plain English and can provide far more testimonials than our competition. Come and visit our offices and you will immediately see that we are a friendly bunch and you may be very surprised with the beneficial difference we can make to your life.

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What's a CVA?

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a legally binding financial agreement.

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CVA Chart

Want to understand the CVA process with Tax Gone?

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Don't know the in's and out's off CVA, have a read over our handy FAQ.

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Magical Powers Of a CVA

A company Voluntary Arrangement really does have magical powers.

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CVA In Depth

The world of insolvency is wrapped in mystique. With this website you will be able to understand exactly what you should be paying for.

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