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Adjournment For Winding Up Petition

This day in 2008, India launched its first unmanned lunar probe at a cost of 90 million US Dollars, making India the fourth Nation in the world to place a flag on the moon. It won’t be long before we’ll have mundane sitcoms being beamed from the rocky surface into our homes – Interstellar Neighbours.

In no time at all the strange will become normal and taken for granted. That’s the strange but magical trait that all children possess – the ability to shrug off their previous generations effort as being expected and accepted as the norm.

It will be interesting to see at what point a judicial system is implemented into the first colonised enterprise. At whatever stage one is introduced, you can be certain that it would expand faster than any other department!

Every major project from the Channel Tunnel to the Olympic Games drags along a large number of contractors that have to fight in the Courts to get paid. Subbie-bashing will follow mankind to the stars. Winding up Petitions will be served in places as yet unknown, as HMRC has a very long reach and Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA) will be rescuing interstellar brand names way into the future.

It is usual for a terrestrial Winding up Petition to be given an Adjournment for 6 weeks but how long would an interplanetary one require in order to get its affairs in order?

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