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Alien Life Forms Welcome Company Voluntary Arrangements

Astronomers have located what could be another ‘Earth’. The planet in question is orbiting a star known as HD 40307 a rather catchy name don’t you think? Although this could easily be mistaken for HD 40308, which is probably a telly or a Peugeot.

This planet is 42 light years away, one light year is apparently 58,786,625,000,000 miles, and it has a mass seven times that of the Earth, if it is inhabited I bet Weight Watchers do quite well there!

If this Super-Earth is inhabited I wonder if they have the equivalent of HMRC, Outland Revenue not Inland Revenue. I can just about picture alien critters running around slapping Winding up Petitions, CCJ’s and Statutory demands on equally alien company directors making odd stuff. I wonder if desirable tech has an i prefix on ‘Super-Earth’ hopefully they have moved on from this.

Taxgone hopes they may be advanced enough to have the galactic equivalent of our Company Voluntary Arrangement enabling alien life forms to scurry around avoiding the Bailiff visit and Winding up Petition.

If they visit us one day I hope they come in peace, I also hope they are green, unlike our HMRC field enforcement representatives who are normally red with anger and bile!


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