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Regain Altitude With A Company Voluntary Arrangement

A recent report by the European Cockpit Association (ooh err missus, titter ye not) has unearthed a rather unnerving fact: The shocking statistic is that around half of all airline pilots have fallen asleep on the job. (Stop it!)

The poll of pilots from Britain, Sweden and Norway indicates that between 43-54 % of them admit to falling asleep ‘involuntarily’ at the controls of the aeroplane they are flying.

Now I don’t fly that often, once or maybe twice a year, short haul for my jollies. I would imagine the pilot on these little 2-3 hour hops is kept nice and busy crossing all the different air traffic control boundaries and generally faffing around steering the thing so I am not too worried.

I would be more concerned on a long haul flight, say over the Atlantic, I guess that would get very boring, nothing to see out of the window but water……Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It’s funny how tiring mundane things are, take the T.V. as an example, simply pop Eastenders or Coronation Street on and I’m a drooling wreck in seconds!

Dealing with Local Authority Business Rates demands can also get very tiring, dodging the Bailiffs and making promises you know you can’t keep.

Taxgone knows the best way to stay sharp and awake is with a Company Voluntary Arrangement, stop tiring yourself out promising the earth, take control of your aeroplane with a Company Voluntary Arrangement, before you crash down to the earth that you promised.

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