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Company Voluntary Arrangement The Natural High

Spanish police have arrested a woman as she attempted to smuggle Cocaine into the country. Nothing too unusual there I suppose however she had the drug hidden in breast implants.

Suspicions were aroused when they noticed she was acting strangely, upon further investigation they found blood stained dressings and fresh scars on the unfortunate mule.

She was opened up at the local hospital where surgeons found 1.8 kg of Cocaine secreted away. The lady was Panamanian but was travelling from Bogota, Colombia.

Funnily enough, she was arrested at a Barcelona airport called ‘El Prat’ and no, I am not making this up!

I guess her day quickly went ‘tits up’ as they say, I would not personally relish the thought of languishing for years in a Spanish jail; I suppose her drug barons want a word with her also!

At the point of arrest I think she would have felt very lonely and out of control, as do many company directors when faced with HMRC’s court enforcement officers due to unpaid VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE.

Don’t be tempted to earn a few bob ‘on the side’ it could get you in deeper water than you already are.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement will put you back in control, stop feeling a tit, give yourself a natural high with CVA.

Find out more about a Company Voluntary Arrangement today – check out our Company Voluntary Arrangement Homepage and call us on: 01302 815846


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