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Company Voluntary Arrangement Snow Day

Well the bad weather is with us again, many areas of the UK are suffering heavy snowfall and all the associated grief that goes with it.

As a nation I feel we have become pathetic at handling a bit of snow. For example I hear that several schools are closed today in Doncaster; as I look out of the window there is a very light sleet falling, it is not settling and the roads are clear.

My drive into work this morning was uneventful but I guess some people can’t cope.

My working career goes back almost 40 years and for a significant percentage of that I worked in other locations but I cannot recall having to call in because I couldn’t get to work.

I was 25 or so before I passed my car driving test and even managed to get to work on my motorcycle in frost, fog and snow, as for school I can’t remember it ever closing.

I suppose people will spout on about ‘health and safety’ but really it’s just, in most cases, spineless not to attempt to get to work.

Of course this weather puts even more pressure on companies, they are unable to complete contracts, deliver goods or get out to quote for new work.

If this leaves you with poor cash flow and pressure from creditors including HMRC Taxgone reckons you should look at a Company Voluntary Arrangement to help you through.

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