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Company Voluntary Arrangement Before Its Too Late

I have decided I will never pick my nose in public again, unless I am in the car as every bloke knows you are invisible in the car.

Imagine just walking along, 17,500 feet above you (that’s over 3 miles) is an unmanned spy drone capable of recording what is happening over an area of 15 square miles.

Nothing too remarkable until you know that the images are recorded with the equivalent of a 1,800 MP camera, it’s actually 368 sensors linked with computer software. This thing can see objects as small as 6 inches in size so most of us will still be able to have a crafty wee at the side of the road and get away with it.

All the information is sent to a control room where operators can zoom in on anything that catches their eye, not just one zoom on this beast but 65 separate zooms, all independent of each other. It records everything it sees, and can store around 1 million terabytes of data per day, this equates to 5000 hours of high definition footage.

This type of thing worries me, I know it’s intended for military use but governments have a nasty habit of controlling their voters, we all know that knowledge is power and in the words of the great George Orwell “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.”

I shouldn’t worry about being watched although some of the directors we talk to feel under the microscope. Taxgone knows that if you are behind with your HMRC liabilities the enforcement officer is probably eyeing up your company ready to swoop.

As yet, to my knowledge, HMRC don’t have access to a spy drone, they cost millions of pounds and this would not be a cost effective way of monitoring activity in a company, maybe the Chinese can knock one out for a few quid then we are all in bother. So sort a Company Voluntary Arrangement before its too late!

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