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Company Voluntary Arrangement For Survival

We need to send all the spare Horse Burgers to North Korea judging by the reports in the papers today. It appears that a man had been executed after murdering his two children for food.

Up to 10,000 people have died in the country due to crop failure brought on by drought sparking fears of cannibalistic activity. It is also understood that corpses have been dug up to eat.

I doubt we will ever know the extent of the problem; North Korea is after all very secretive. For all we know the stories could be wildly exaggerated by Western reporters, however there have been previous reports of cannibalism and human meat being sold as pork.

I hope the authorities didn’t waste the executed man, perhaps Kim Jong Un had him stir-fried with rice and a side order of curry sauce.

Of course resorting to eating your loved ones isn’t something anyone would do lightly, years of deprivation at the hands of a tyrannical government changes your personality I suppose, sitting here, well fed and warm it’s difficult to imagine what real desperation is.

At Taxgone we know that some of the directors we talk to are very desperate, I doubt many would rob a bank or commit other crimes but some may feel that is the only way out of the pit that is debt.

There is another way; that is a Company Voluntary Arrangement, it stops that desperate feeling and as a bonus – stops you measuring up your nearest and dearest for the pot.

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