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Company Voluntary Arrangement Get In There

Lets do it again. Bring in conscription and run a new TV show called “Get in there”. You can sit back at night and follow documentary style, the exploits of “Eric Ecstasy” and “Drug Duggie” as they show the Taliban what they’re made of.

Along with their band of merry men, Eric and Duggie can be voted back onto the front line by the viewers at home. Also Eric can be singled out for desert-sucker trials where he’ll entertain us all by engaging in various deliveries, drawing on past experiences and directed by viewers,┬áPlayStation┬ástyle.

We all wish we could sort out the UK’s social problems in radical ways from swapping the Dome (O2 Arena) for a Roman Colosseum, to allowing the reintroduction of Bull Bars on cars.

But for now, we have to play by the rules. And for directors it is comforting to know that the rules allow directors to take all of their HMRC debts and dump half of them, with the balance to be repaid over 60 months – It’s called a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

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