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Company Voluntary Arrangement Means More Staff

Is anyone actually unemployable? I don’t mean the severely disabled or mentally ill among us, I mean the chap who habitually signs on, every couple of weeks, then wanders around town with his equally vacuous mates.

We have all seen these guys, invariably they are dressed in a ‘uniform’ of sorts; the ubiquitous hoodie, trousers or jeans worn with the backside hanging out (how do they stop these from falling down?) and some expensive trainers.

It’s really easy to stereotype people, slotting them into convenient little boxes. When we look at someone we immediately form an opinion, rightly or wrongly, it’s what we do.

Hoodies are worn by the criminal element, anoraks by trainspotters and donkey jackets by no one ‘cos Thatcher shut all the pits!

I am sure most of these guys and gals are OK really; there is probably very little difference between them and the unemployed of my generation, except we did not have hoodies, trainers etc.

I guess some people find it hard to get work, after all HMRC are doing their best to close companies up and down the land because the business can no longer afford the VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax liabilities it has.

Taxgone reckons a Company Voluntary Arrangement gives hope to all the Hoodie wearers out there. After all if you can keep trading you may need further staff!

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