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Company Voluntary Arrangement Mmm Pie

Pies, most of us love a good pie, crispy pastry with a warm inviting interior. We all have our own favorite, it could be steak and ale, pork or maybe apple, for me they are a consistent source of culinary happiness.

As a young kid I spent some time in Australia, which is where I developed my love of pies, before school we all piled into a local store and ordered our lunch which was a ‘meat pie’ this was warmed to order and picked up during the break.

Now ‘meat pie’ does not say a lot about the content, I can’t recall the flavour; they were lovely but a bit gristly sometimes although this did not stop repeat purchases. I know some will think pies are bad for you but the Aussies always punch above their weight on the sporting front which leads me to believe that we should make them compulsory fodder for our kids.

Part of the mystery of eating pies is the anticipation and excitement felt just before you break through the crust, the interior is unknown at that point (unless you made it yourself of course) will it be good, bad or indifferent?

Delving into the unknown is not always to be recommended, though many Directors tell us at TaxGone that HMRC debt has crept up on them, bad debt, poor margins fewer orders all taking their toll on the company’s finances.

Know what’s in your company’s pie with a Company Voluntary Arrangement; don’t break through the crust to find a bailiff staring back at you!

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