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Company Voluntary Arrangement The Savior

Rick Champagne, an unlikely name and I doubt you have heard of him however he has just become the new owner of the original Batmobile, as driven by Adam West in the iconic TV series Batman.

Rick stumped up £2.6m for it at an auction held recently in the USA. The Batmobile originally started life as a 1955 Lincoln Futura and was built by Ford in Italy.

In the original Batman TV series Batman and Robin didn’t really have any ‘super powers’ as such, if they got captured or cornered by the baddies, The Joker, Penguin, Cat Woman  they simply biffed, smashed and kap-owed their way out of the predicament, with a little help from devices secreted in the Bat Utility Belt, shark repellent spray sticks in my mind.

I have to say if I was cornered by Catwoman I would probably have gone weak at the knees, she was, pardon the pun, a real glamour puss.

Behind the disguise was, of course, businessman and philanthropist Bruce Wayne. In the original series I can’t recall ever finding out what he actually did, it was just a little odd he had a young man as a ‘ward’ and they both wore tights and masks.

It was clear though that Bruce was very wealthy and probably paid his taxes, when due.

TaxGone understands that many directors are effectively acting as ‘Supermen’ at the moment, constantly juggling their lives around the pressure of collecting book debts, securing new orders and paying creditors, including HMRC VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax.

The problem with juggling is that eventually you drop a ball, if that ball happens to be the HMRC liabilities you can pick them up with a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). Don’t rely on your utility belt, it can’t print money.

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