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Company Voluntary Arrangement To Infinity

Imagine getting to Sydney in 90 minutes. Currently the SpaceLiner is a concept vehicle being developed by the German Aerospace Centre and it could be reality by 2050.

This is fantastic news although I will be 91 by then and probably be dead so I won’t be taking a ride. The SpaceLiner will climb to an altitude of around 50 miles on the back of a rocket launcher then glide back to earth reaching speeds of over 15,000 mph on its way down.

This all sounds similar to the Space Shuttle recently retired by NASA, maybe the Americans could give the Germans a Shuttle to faff around with, after all rocket technology was nicked off them after the war, it could be seen as a bit of pay back and would bolster Euro/American relations.

In business there is no substitute for optimism, it keeps you going, and I am sure the Germans are as optimistic as anyone; they will need to be to get this pipe dream off the ground.

Sometimes though, hope and a strong will aren’t enough and your company is suddenly facing an uncertain future due to the demands of HMRC for unpaid VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax.

Taxgone knows how a Company Voluntary Arrangement can give a director the optimism to carry on. Don’t allow debt to scupper your companies launch, light the blue touchpaper on a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

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