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High Tech Company Voluntary Arrangement

The hand ball that Luis Suarez scored for Liverpool turned out to be the winner against plucky Mansfield Town, had that goal not been allowed then Mansfield would have had a replay at Anfield and generated a huge financial boost to the club.

The talk of using technology to help referees has been talked about for a while now but is it still talk. We now have Tennis, Rugby, and Cricket to name a few sports that use up to date equipment to assist their referees, has this hindered their sports?

No it has not; in fact it has enhanced their enjoyment of the game. One of the arguments regarding replays at football matches is that it would slow the game down.

Well by the time all players have their say (shouted) to the referee about the said incident, the replay could be shown within seconds to clear any argument. The football authorities are so behind, it’s now becoming an embarrassment.

They in turn would point to the trial they had at the World Cup Game Chelsea V Corinthians where goal line technology was used but it is all so slow in becoming general practice.

Football is a big business, like it or not, and it is time that the authorities got their game in order – not unlike a company director failing to meet their HMRC liabilities and burying their head in the sand, look into a Company Voluntary Arrangement, much like goal line technology – it could put you back on top.

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