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Improve Your Swing With A Company Voluntary Arrangement

Lee Westwood has won many tournaments throughout his career over the years, but when will he win one of the Major Tournaments? Could it be in 2013, or does he become another Monty, almost but not quite good enough.

I really like Lee and wish that he does win that major, but it seems that as time goes by he may be a nearly man, is it his attitude? I don’t think so, is it his putting? Maybe, going over to live in the United States maybe the answer, who knows, is this the year Lee wins that elusive Major, time will tell.

Many directors are facing insecurities in their working lives also, if you find yourself  dreading the next creditor call or struggling to pay your HMRC Liabilities then Taxgone would advise a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Find out more about Company Voluntary Arrangements on the TaxGone Company Voluntary Arrangement homepage.

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