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Making The Right Decision Company Voluntary Arrangement

Will he stay or will he go Frank Lampard seems to be like part of the furniture at Chelsea having been a Chelsea player for 11 years, but the former West Ham player looks like he could be on his way come this summer, or will he?

In his time at Chelsea he been part of the team that has won 3 League wins, 4 FA Cups and a Champions League medal, after the penalty he scored on Saturday against Stoke he is now the 2nd top goal scorer at Chelsea with 194 goals and could overtake the record held by Bobby Tambling who scored 202 goals for the club.

When Rafel Benitez confirmed that he would be leaving during the summer questions where being asked if that was the correct decision at that time, since then the clubs results in the Premiership have picked up considerably (other than the defeat to QPR) with Frank playing well in those games the question again has raised it head.

The 34 year could move to the United States, but the standard in the states is lower and Frank believes he still can play at the top level in the Premiership, so the question is will he go to one of the Manchester clubs or even at this late stage remain at Chelsea.

Stay in the premiership or move on – must be a hard decision for Frank. TaxGone one of the leading providers of Company Voluntary Arrangements council directors everyday on dealing with their HMRC liabilities and other creditors – we can help you make the right decision.

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