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Settle Down With A Company Voluntary Arrangement

Balotelli is at it again…

Mario Balotelli is in the news again, this time with a bust up on the training ground with his manager Robert Mancini, after Mario had cut down a team mate during practice.

Balotelli who once after scoring a goal had the words “why always me” blazed on his jersey under his shirt, so the question raised again is “why” always Balotelli, is he a spoiled brat or a misunderstood young man?

Balotelli came from a very poor background in Italy but is now earning millions of £’s playing football for Manchester City, but he is never far away from controversy, either being sent off, to letting off fireworks in his property, crashing a very expensive car on the way to training and carrying £5000 with him, when the police asked him why he was carrying so much money he said “because I’m rich”.

On the other side it is reported that he gives away lots of money to charity.

Should Robert Mancini (his manager) be tougher with him, is he already tough with him? Should he sell him to another club or work with him to get the best out of him for Manchester City.

One thing is for sure it’s never quiet when Mario’s around.

If unlike Mario you would like a quieter life, and find yourself struggling to pay your HMRC VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax liabilities then Taxgone would advise a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

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