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Stop The Madness With A Company Voluntary Arrangement

I love the Aussies even more now I know that a court in Sydney had decided that Gary the Goat is not guilty!

Gary was accused of eating flowers growing near the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art and the goats’ owner was fined $440 by police.

The owner, a comedian known as Jimbo Bazboobi contested the fine and Magistrate Carolyn Barkell, although acknowledging the goat ate the plants, dismissed the case as Mr Bazboobi did not intend for the goat to nosh away at the vegetation.

Gary was not called to give evidence and did not comment on the verdict.
Oddly enough, if this had taken place at the Tate the headless flowers could easily have made it into a display of ‘modern art’ as could half of Gary, pickled in formaldehyde.

I like goats and would keep them as pets if I had the room, they seem to have personalities and attitude and I reckon they could make better morning TV presenters than some of the humans on the Telly.

Why does everyone have to be so boring and ‘safe’ nowadays, and don’t forget to smile inanely at the camera, colleagues, guests, the sofa, the floor, the sound man, the tea boy etc etc.

Now Gary almost cost his owner a hefty fine, however common sense prevailed, you however will not be so lucky.

Non-payment of HMRC VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax will generate fees, fines and charges leading eventually to a Winding up Petition being lodged by the Revenue.

Taxgone believes that a Company Voluntary Arrangement could prevent this course of action and get the business back on track. Stop the Revenue nibbling at your veg with a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

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