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Wake Up And Sort A Company Voluntary Arrangement

At the weekend I am planning a trip on the yacht, nothing fancy, probably a jaunt around the Med for the next few weeks. I really fancy a bit of winter sun, the rain is really annoying don’t you think?

I called Claudia Schiffer and she is free for a while and will be joining me in Monaco, hopefully with a crate of Timothy Taylors Landlord and an enormous jar of Nutella.

My mate Mick has arranged the Stones to play a private gig for us; he’s always good for a laugh is Mick.

After that we sail to Israel where I hope to broker a lasting peace in the Middle East.
Damn, I’ve woken up.

Actually facing reality, I will probably do very little at the weekend. The missus has promised to treat me to a Thai meal and if the weather holds up I will probably go for a ride on my scooter.

Fantasy and reality are, for most of us, very different animals but it’s nice to dream a little every now and then. I wonder what Roman Abramovich dreams of, it must be very sad when you have so much money that almost nothing is out of reach. On second thoughts…………….

If your fantasy is to be able to pay your HMRC VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax liabilities without selling your children then Taxgone would advise a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement will probably not bring the lovely Claudia into your life but it will keep the bailiffs away!

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