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Company Voluntary Arrangement Doing It For The Kids

Revealed in a poll conducted by the Children’s Food Trust, are details of the contents of school kids’ lunch boxes. It makes for interesting reading, some of the nation’s kids are being sent to school with such delicacies as cold chips or a packet of biscuits, sometimes the sandwich filling is just margarine.

Also lunch boxes now contain more ‘junk food’ and less fruit. Some people are pointing at an increase in the cost of certain foodstuffs; bread for instance is around three times the cost it was in 1982, an average white loaf costs around £1.25.

In some cases I guess parents simply don’t have enough money to feed their children properly however there are ways of making the budget stretch a little further.

I wonder if these parents have ever contemplated making a loaf of bread, it costs about 40p and isn’t full of chemicals, or growing a bit of veg. in the garden, or shock horror, giving up their mobile phone, SKY TV or designer trainers.

I don’t wish to come across as boorish here but if, as a nation, we can’t afford to feed our kids then something is drastically wrong with the fabric of society. Maybe we should stop sending vast amounts abroad in foreign aid or wasting it on PM’s expenses, just a thought Dave.

Of course the cash sent as aid comes from your HMRC contributions; however you may be struggling to pay your liabilities, after all we are in a recession.

TaxGone knows the effects of not paying your VAT, Corporation Tax or PAYE can be devastating to a company, who wants the bailiffs knocking at the door?

Keep them at bay with a Company Voluntary Arrangement, you never know but you just may be able to keep the kids fed as a bonus.

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