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Company Voluntary Arrangement Marooned

Company Voluntary Arrangement Marooned

Space technology has at last started to move forwards again after a long technical drought. Many things may have advanced behind the scenes but the hardened cynics that we are, believe that we have done nothing since stepping on the moon.

And now preparations are on the way to commercially capture asteroids for their precious metals, and to set up a settlement on the moon.

Space exploration has grown in distinct stages and often as a result of warmongering. But it is the gap between the peaks and the troughs that hurts those very companies that have the potential to energise the next expansion drive.

If your company is marooned in a trough with little work then your overheads may move your company into insolvency and into a Winding up Petition, which may need a Company Voluntary Arrangement to keep the company in existence whilst waiting for the upturn.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a restructuring tool. Drafted correctly it can change a company that looks dead, into one that is fighting fit, with all of its assets safe and a very healthy cash flow that can be a foundation for rapid expansion.

TaxGone even provides assistance at zero cost to directors and shareholders of small to medium businesses throughout the UK in the preparation of Company Voluntary Arrangements.

We will arrange for the Adjournment of Winding up Petitions, especially when issued by HMRC. The Adjournment period allows for the preparation of a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement can include all unsecured debts, including HMRC. Redundancies and certain leases may also be included.

This is the best route for a director as the company carries on trading and preserves the money that customers owe to the business.

Find out more information about Company Voluntary Arrangements – check our Company Voluntary Arrangement homepage and call TaxGone on: 01302 815 846.

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