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Company Voluntary Arrangement No Death Sentence

Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, as he’s now known, writes by combining magical realism with historical fiction. He wrote The Satanical Verses in 1988.

This earned him recognition which was both good and bad. The bad was from Ayatollah Khomeini, the supreme leader of Iran who issued a Fatwa against him. That’s an order sent out to his followers to kill him.

This order probably sent old Rushdie to the toilet more than normal, gave him an all paid for protection unit, courtesy of the British tax payer and a weekly invite to posh society cocktail parties.

The power of the written word!

This just goes to show that no matter how you write a book or article, someone somewhere will take offence and try and stop you.

So, with that in mind, as the British State is toughening up with the new HMRC draconian powers increasing, watch what you say – especially now that they are trawling through Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to see the “real you” in Dubai showing off your diamonds.

Don’t worry about HMRC and any thoughts that you may have about them issuing Final Demands or Winding up Petitions because they won’t. They’ll just send out “Hope you are feeling better” cards to 3 million small businesses – so you won’t need to look at a Company Voluntary Arrangement after all!

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