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Company Voluntary Arrangements A Hoot

It’s an odd thing is research, some I can understand, some I can’t, take for instance the research done in America, on Owls, to find out how they can turn their heads 270 degrees without injury.

The researchers found that Owls have unique bone and vascular structures such as joined arteries allowing the remarkable neck flexibility that Owls enjoy.

Owls died during the research and the bottom line is that they are different to humans, well chaps, guess what, they are birds so I would hope they are different to humans.

I cannot really see how the knowledge gleaned from this research will advance medicine, Owls have evolved over millennia to reach the peak of their development, judging by the state of the world Humans have some room left for further evolution.

I am not a Luddite; medical research has saved the lives of countless people over the years, but when all the dust has settled, what was the actual point of this?

Having a rotating head could have its advantages, we all know the feeling when someone has sneaked up behind you and you were just too late in switching the web page you were ‘browsing’ being able to flick your head around without attracting attention would be just the thing.

I ride a scooter and the full head turn would be a great boost to safety on the roads, it would almost eliminate the need for mirrors. However all the research in the world is not going to make humans evolve a rotating head is it?

It could be handy to swivel around to catch the HMRC bailiff before he knocks on your door to collect the overdue VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax, should give you a head start and a bit of time to hide!

If you can’t quite spin your head like Linda Blair then preventative measures are the best option: Talk to Taxgone about a Company Voluntary Arrangement and stop your head spinning.

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