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Company Voluntary Arrangements Are Go

When I learned that the classic children’s TV program Thunderbirds is to be re-made I almost shook with excitement. As a kid growing up in the sixties, Thunderbirds was essential viewing, along with Doctor Who, Blue Peter and Crackerjack.

My excitement has been tempered somewhat, it seems the modern trend for CGI has reared its ugly head and our heroes will no longer wobble about on the end of strings, apparently modern kids need modern viewing, I doubt I will fall in love with Lady Penelope again if all she is is a pixelated image from the bowels of a supercomputer somewhere.

Another firm favourite of in our house was How, fronted by Jack Hargreaves, a gentle yet educational program delivered in a non condescending way by the presenters. No shouting, no attention grabbing prima donnas and no need for garish graphics or gimmicks, just nice people sat around telling us all about the world and how it worked.

Life was so much simpler then, summers were long and warm and we were allowed outside to play, for hours, popping home for a bite to eat then out again.

Anything we could find was a toy, sticks were guns, an old sheet made a tent and old pram wheels could be fashioned into a trolly with a few planks of discarded timber.

We whittled wood with pen-knives and made fires using a magnifying glass, can you imagine letting a seven or eight year old out with a sharp pen-knife nowadays?

We all had one and no one died, as far as I can remember. Wallowing in nostalgia is a great way of spending an hour or two, but it doesn’t pay the bills as they say.

You will all have your own memories of childhood however the responsibility of running a company will soon bring you back to earth with a bump.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement will give you the time back to reminisce about the good old days. The next time a HMRC officer calls just imagine him being operated by strings, you probably still can’t pay him but it should be fun imagining him wobbling around your office.

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