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Discover A Company Voluntary Arrangement

A lucky dog walker in Morecambe has found a chunk of ambergris valued at around £100,000 – well it was actually his dog that found it. Ambergris is secreted by the sperm whale and is used in the perfume industry; because of its rarity it is extremely valuable.

Lucky people find things, it could be a tenner blowing down the road, could be the Staffordshire Hoard if you are out metal detecting, I myself have never found anything of note or value.

There was a small piece of Roman pottery I dug up from my back garden as a small kid and the odd coin here and there. I watch the Antiques Roadshow and sometimes an item turns up ‘found’ at a car boot or jumble sale.

I’ve been to our local car boot sale on occasion and because I have no knowledge of such things I have probably missed out on a valuable Rubens or Stubbs or maybe a jewel encrusted tiara worn by the Queen of Sheba.

I doubt it though; most of the stuff there is just someone else’s rubbish, tat of no value; however someone buys it….why???

The answer is because they want to, there is no accounting for taste, who am I to say that the illuminated and shiny wall hanging of Jesus, with built-in clock, is tacky? Someone thought half a cow in formaldehyde was worth buying a while ago; I would rather have the Jesus clock thank you.

If you are a company director facing demands from HMRC for unpaid VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax you may be tempted to buy a dog and have a wander along the beach, £100,000 is well worth having after all.

I can’t recall the last time I heard a tale of ambergris turning up so you would probably be going home disappointed although the dog would be happy, they tend to love beaches.

Taxgone reckons a Company Voluntary Arrangement is the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail for directors and you don’t need to wander around to get one.


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