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Oscar Winning Company Voluntary Arrangement

Well another self-congratulatory-slap-on the-back-fest is over, yes folks, that annual gathering of the world’s glitterati that is The Oscars, is over for another year.

Maybe we can have some real news now, with real people and no Botox, designer dresses, bodyguards or speeches.

As the office cynic, I feel compelled to have a pop at not just The Oscars but award ceremonies in general. Personally I cannot see the point in them, other than to give a further boost to the egos of overpaid entertainers, what is the need for them?

Let’s be honest, these guys haven’t found a cure for cancer or brokered peace in the Middle East have they? All they have done is learned a few lines, put on an outfit of some sort and cavorted around a set pulling faces.

sat through the latest Bond movie Skyfall the other day, and yes it was full of fancy pyrotechnics and other wizardry but when it had finished I wondered where two and a half hours of my life had gone, I didn’t feel moved by the experience like I do if I sit and listen to Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish.

Also, when the ‘baddie’ captures Bond why don’t they just shoot him? there is always an elaborate method devised to kill him instead of a bullet between the eyes, it was the same with the original Batman.

The Joker or Penguin would have him strapped to a belt whilst a giant saw or laser edged its way toward Batman’s nether regions, giving him just enough time to escape and capture the ‘baddie’ all very conducive to the next show but unrealistic all the same.

Speaking of baddies, have you had a visit from HMRC’s lovely enforcement officers lately? They are out there scurrying around calling on unsuspecting Directors who have not paid their VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax.

If they call, TaxGone would not advise cutting them in half with a laser or saw, obviously that is illegal.

Cutting your liability in half with a Company Voluntary Arrangement however isn’t illegal; in fact it could mean the difference between a Darwin Award and an Oscar for your company, not that I believe in awards you understand.

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