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Valentines Day Company Voluntary Arrangement

So it’s Valentine’s Day again, yet another reason to stay in bed and ignore the world. My cynicism holds no bounds when it come to these overblown, overexposed and over advertised ways that corporate Britain can reduce your bank balance.

Making you feel guilty if you choose to ignore ‘the day’ and reducing your wife or partner to a gibbering wreck because ‘you don’t love me anymore’ I find it odd that we need a ‘special day’ to celebrate our love for the special people in our lives, what about the other 364 days of the year?

One of our ladies is going to the expense of a trip to Amsterdam with her partner although they are combining his birthday celebration into the break so fair enough I suppose.

Maybe it’s my age but I am getting more and more concerned about the way in which the Great British public are constantly told what to think and when to think it.

I genuinely believe that we are rarely told the truth, politicians evade questions, the newspapers report in differing styles, waving their political colours, so who is right and who is wrong? After all, historically, the ‘truth’ was written by the winners.

You may have got out of bed today in a great mood; you possibly had breakfast in bed as a special Valentine’s Day treat, the drive into work was uneventful and your favourite song was on the wireless.

Probably not though, what’s more likely is that HMRC’s enforcement officer has turned up to collect overdue VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax liabilities and he hasn’t brought you a dozen red roses, or promised you a bit of ‘hanky panky’ later on when the kids are in bed.

Taxgone can’t promise to send roses or indeed indulge your fantasies, but we can take away the pain with a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

I do hope the flowers I sent get delivered on time………………………………………………


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