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Bank Account Frozen Call TaxGone

Birthday boy Bruce Willis is probably most famous for his Die Hard films. Born in 1955 he’s getting on a bit to still play the hard man. However, when his films have grossed more than two and a half billion Dollars, there is enough incentive for him to churn out a few more delights.

Being born in Germany, he does have to temper his violent disposition which can often be seen by the plethora of bad camera angles in most of his fighting scenes.

A bad angle can often dictate our fate rather than the stars above us. If you have a bank account frozen and want to find out the cost to liquidate a company or even want a dismissal of a winding up petition because of company cash flow problems, then call TaxGone on:  01302 815 846.

We are the Company Voluntary Arrangement specialists that can help you with company tax debt, so why not let us help you with your business cash flow problems.

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