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Company Voluntary Arrangement Just The Medicine

I got thinking about what imaginary pills could do to enhance our lives. After a really bad day in the office perhaps a ‘Memory erasing’ pill would be nice, chill out with a bottle of red and a memory erasing pill and all is well in the world.

Thinking further about this I reckon mankind could benefit greatly if scientists developed a pill for various uses, an ‘Invisibility pill’ would have obvious uses, as would a pill that enabled you to eat anything and remain thin.

Men in relationships with women would appreciate a ‘Telepathy and mind reading pill’ and the ladies would love a pill that made blokes lower the toilet seat.

The boss here would love an ‘Awesome snowboarder’ pill, her substitute of port just offers her imaginary prowess, I would love a ‘Keith Richards’ pill myself, and also a ‘Super hero’ pill, being Spider Man for a few hours would be interesting.

Most of us would like a ‘Time travel pill’ but when would you go to? It would be interesting watching the Pyramids being built but awkward trying to explain how you got there; I suppose you could draw some pictures, it worked for the Egyptians after all.

If you could avoid being dinner for one, a trip back to see some dinosaurs would be terrific, as would a jaunt forward in time just to see how mankind ends up.

You would probably like a ‘Get the HMRC bailiff off my back’ pill, no one likes being chased by them after all. Unfortunately these pills are not yet available however Taxgone knows you should consider a Company Voluntary Arrangement pill, these are already available and work in a similar way.

If you call now and Keith Richards answers, you have the right place.

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