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Company Voluntary Arrangement Pure Chemistry

I have never heard of a Pyrenean ibex, apparently they became extinct in 2000, however scientists cloned one in 2003 using frozen tissue samples harvested before their extinction.

The clone survived for just seven minutes after birth but this has given some people the hope that ‘de-extinction’ could be a reality.

I know this is the theory best explained by the film Jurassic Park; that obviously was fantasy whilst the ibex experiment was actual cloning of an extinct species.

Scientists have recently gathered to discuss other animals they would like to clone; the Tasmanian tiger, the Sabre-toothed tiger and the North American passenger pigeon are possible candidates.

I would be happy to pay to see either of the tigers and if the passenger pigeon could actually carry a passenger then that would be good too, but I don’t think it can so don’t bother with that one chaps.

An obvious candidate is the woolly mammoth as these only became extinct 3,000 to 10,000 years ago and there are several specimens well preserved in the Siberian permafrost.

They would obviously need to utilize an elephant’s egg as a starting point and this is proving challenging as there has never been successful harvest of an elephants egg, I suppose very long arms are needed, and a strong stomach.

Personally I have no doubt that someone will eventually be successful and these creatures will be walking the Earth again. But why stop there? Let’s see some Neanderthals wandering around, they say the some of us have Neanderthal D.N.A. in us so I reckon that would be a breeze to do, or are they already here and serving in Parliament?

It could be handy to clone yourself, imagine the confusion when HMRC’s enforcement officer called, you may be able to baffle them enough to go away without any of your cash.

It’s unlikely you would get away with it for long though, but TaxGone knows another way forward; clone yourself a Company Voluntary Arrangement, you don’t need a scientist or a laboratory, just you or your clone, and a bit of information.


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