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No Regrets With A Company Voluntary Arrangement

What are your life’s regrets? According to a survey of 2000 adults, top of the list, rather predictably is starting to smoke.

I don’t smoke and I am obviously aware of the health implications of smoking, but I wonder why people regret choosing to smoke when they seem to really enjoy a fag, and if those same people would give the same answer if they were £1 a packet?

There are some interesting ‘regrets’ on the list; at number 5 is ‘not keeping in touch with people’, well pick up the phone then, at number 20 is ‘being too sensible’ as opposed to……???

At number 22 ‘ignoring an illness’ obviously they are still alive so no real harm done, and at number 30 ‘getting a tattoo’ there is no gender differentiation indicated within the survey so no one knows whether the last one is male or female oriented.

My brother states that when we were kids you needed to go to a circus to see a fat tattooed lady, but now a walk down the local high street does the trick, he’s not very PC my brother.

To me, looking at the list, I would consider most of what constitutes‘regret’ is just a lifestyle choice mistake, ‘not learning to drive’ or ‘not taking up a sport or hobby’ should not cause regretful feelings and if they do you may need professional help. Or you could just learn to drive whilst playing darts.

I try not to have regrets in my life, I do however have one enormous regret that eats away and has done for years which is why I won’t allow anymore into my head and I have developed a philosophy that says don’t regret something you didn’t do, after all you didn’t do it so why regret it?

This works for me, I would rather regret something I have actually done and messed up, this makes far more sense in my world.

If HMRC’s bailiff is sat in front of you because you can’t pay your VAT, Corporation Tax or PAYE then you may regret opening the door to him; you may also regret completing that order you never got paid for which is why the bailiff is sat in front of you.

Well stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it, call TaxGone and ask about a Company Voluntary Arrangement, you won’t regret it.

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