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Seek Your Future With A Company Voluntary Arrangement

I bet that wakes Ken and Deirdre up, the explosion, at the Rovers, you know on Coronation Street, next week, as leaked by the production company, complete with pictures and summary of who gets caught in the aftermath.

Well we all know Sunita pops her clogs, they leaked her funeral scenes as well, so no need to watch then is there?

This reminds me of an experience a cousin of mine had a long time ago, he thought he would catch up on his ‘classics’ so wandered down to the library and borrowed the Thomas Hardy novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

He settled down with the book, thumbed his way to chapter one to find that some wag had penciled in ‘they hang her’ upon which he promptly closed the book and returned it, thus spoiling his day.

I suppose we all crave a little insight into the future, we could be very wealthy if all we had was next Sundays papers, imagine the fun you could have at the expense of all the Bookies and the National Lottery, also you could play at Mystic Meg for a few days and actually get the predictions right.

Obviously Mystic Meg and all the other astrological fantasists aren’t very mystical at all; she still seems to be churning out astrological clap-trap, like all the others, instead of lazing about on a private beach somewhere because she has successfully predicted the lottery results for years on end!

I read somewhere once that if you put some monkeys into a room with some typewriters, eventually, given time, they will type up the whole works of Shakespeare, so I suppose this means that anything is possible, statistically speaking. Except Mystic Meg guessing the lottery numbers!

The odds of winning the lottery are 14 million to 1, if it was a horse you’d be eating it, however the odds that HMRC’s field enforcement guys are going to call are significantly less.

Lots of companies are struggling to pay their overdue VAT, PAYE or Corporation tax liabilities at the moment and are suffering severe cash flow difficulties, prompting these calls.

TaxGone understands that a Company Voluntary Arrangement will shift the odds of keeping your company significantly in your favour. Look into your future with a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

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