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Are Business Cash Flow Problems everywhere?

Every business person that has business cash flow problems will tell you that every company in the land is suffering from business cash flow problems. It’s not true – it just seems that way!

Business cash flow problems have been with us since trading began. The difference today is that credit has dried up at a time when the spread of business is at its peak.  Getting rid of business cash flow problems should be easy if hard decisions are made and a combination of sharp cost cutting and harder selling is implemented.

If the burden is greater than the solutions, then a Company Voluntary Arrangement could resolve the business cash flow problems. As long as sales are still coming in then a restructure through a Cva would allow more time to be spent in selling rather than wasting precious time dealing with creditors.

Business cash flow problems can sink a company in a matter of months. Don’t wait to see what happens – you’re the director, start directing as that’s your job, otherwise you’ll be looking for a new job faster than you can imagine.

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