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Avoid Small Business Bankruptcy

We had a little wander around on Saturday to find a replacement for Dyson, our aquatic Apple snail who sadly departed this earth recently. It would have taken a very long time to find one though because it transpires that they a banned Europe wide and woe-betide anyone found importing or selling them in the E.U.

The ban was effective from November 2012 and was brought because of a colony of the little blighters being found in the Ebro river delta in Spain. It’s probably too late for the Ebro as it’s teeming with other non-native species such as massive Wells catfish and carp so I suppose a few snails won’t be much more of a threat to the native wildlife, but is guess the EU’s gotta do what the EU’s gotta do!

When Dyson was alive he was quite a mover, he would cover the length of the tank, 4 feet, quite briskly, I wouldn’t call him a racing snail but he was nippy to say he only had one foot! He would sometimes spin slowly around in the gravel, contorting himself into weird shapes and when he’d finished there would be little piles of gravel stuck together with some hideous secretion, they were Dyson’s homage to the pyramids!

I would imagine you would love to crawl back into your shell like Dyson sometimes did, especially when the local HMRC field enforcement officer is about to call with the threat of a winding up petition, trading insolvent is such a lonely place to be. Company cash flow problems cause all sorts of issues for directors, and can quickly lead to action being taken against the company by an aggressive creditor, leading to small business bankruptcy. You need to come out of your shell and deal with the problem through a company voluntary arrangement, Taxgone can help you with this but you need to call! One day Dyson couldn’t make it out of his shell, don’t let that be you.

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