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Company Voluntary Arrangements

Happy Birthday Donald and we hope your wish to see no wind farms from your Scottish Golf Course comes true. Stick it to them Donald!

Born in 1946 to wealthy parents, Donald is still a self made man as during the course of his rise to riches, he lost it all and then built it back up again.  Worth between £150 million and 3 Billion – who cares!

Nobody knows better than Donald, when to cut the strings. It’s a hard decision to let go of what once was thought as a great investment. Luckily in the UK, there is no need to voluntary liquidate your company as the Insolvency Act allows directors to propose Company Voluntary Arrangements.

Most Company Voluntary Arrangements allow a massive write off, including from HMRC. Why dump your company when you can rescue it, after all you want something to show for your hard work.

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