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Life Saver Company Voluntary Arrangement

Well I did sleep OK last night in the end; I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t due to the fact that there is a dead person lying in a bedroom next door. My neighbours mum sadly died a few days ago and they have decided that she should rest at home now she has been prepared for the funeral, each to his own where death is concerned but I do find the practice a bit odd. What are you supposed to do with the corpse? Take pictures? Invite your mates around for a look? Balance your beer and peanuts on it? At least it keeps the flies off your sandwiches, I am being particularly mean and I don’t know why, but I am waiting for a whiff of formaldehyde to drift through the window which will put me off my tea for a while, but not for long.

I guess we all deal with death in differing ways and you may currently be battling to keep your business alive, company cash flow problems can cause tragic symptoms after all, even small business bankruptcy.

When we are ill we talk to a doctor and most of the time they prescribe something to make the illness go away, well did you know that it’s possible to prescribe something for an ailing company? That something is a company voluntary arrangement, arranged through Taxgone, it’s perfect for calming the effects that company cash flow problems can have whilst maintaining the overall health of the business.

Don’t wait for HMRC to deliver the fatal blow in the form of a winding up petition, take the medicine and see the business respond.

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