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Winding Up Petition Assistance from TaxGone

Whilst stood at the toilet minding my own business, my eyes were drawn to the toilet brush and just how pathetic a design it actually was.

There it sat in its hideous plastic receptacle, looking like the runt of a plastic hedgehog litter with a stick up its backside. It is totally inflexible and unable to clean around the bend so in my opinion it’s not fit for purpose. But I suppose it was very cheap, it looks very cheap and to most of the population it’s just a bog brush, to me it is an irritation because I hate cheap things that only do half the job. That’s not to say the most expensive products are the best either, but good design and sturdy manufacture should be the reason you buy something, not because it’s cheap. A typical example is a bike that was bought for the boy in the family, now his mummy is not in a position that she can splash cash around so bought the bike she could afford. Basically, in a nutshell, it is garbage. Within hours of ownership I was mending it and the list of faults and problems are numerous. Firstly I put new brake levers on it as the original ones were dangerously poor, the tyres and inner tubes seem to be made from the gossamer wings of insects they are so prone to punctures. The whole bike is rusty, especially the handlebars, wheels, hubs and crank, even the painted frame is suffering from tin-worm. It’s around a year old and looks on its last legs. If I had the time and inclination I would strip the whole thing down and refurbish it, but it’s probably not worth the effort. I am saddened that some of the worlds resources are wasted by irresponsible manufacturers producing tripe like this ‘bike’ and the government have the nerve to tell us we are burning too much fossil fuel and creating too many greenhouse gasses!

I understand the pressure to produce affordable goods; many of the UK based factories which were around when I was a kid have now gone and your business could be next. Pressure to reduce factory gate unit costs can cause company cash flow problems and may lead to a creditor winding up petition. These cash flow issues, including company tax problems, can be dealt with by a company voluntary arrangement, arranged through Taxgone, hopefully freeing up enough cash for a decent bike, or bog brush!

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