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Business Cash Flow Problems

Business cash flow problems are a constant worry for many businesses across the UK. The results from a recent survey carried out to find the best action film sequel of all time has just been announced. Much to the delight of many Indie fans it was the “Last Crusade”. This survey illustrates how business cash flow problems can be avoided.

The “Last Crusade” was the third Indiana Jones movie in the franchisee. Incredibly it went head-to-head with Arnie’s “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and won. The lesson is simple, if you find a wining formula then keep to it. If its not broke then don’t fix it! But many company directors try and fix their company when its not broken and wonder why the company then suffers business cash flow problems.

So if you are a director and have a system that works then carefully expand that system and develop very methodically the wining formula. Don’t think that just because you have one winning product then everything that you touch turns to gold – that’s a formula for dire business cash flow problems.

It is far better to dominate a market with your product by offering variations of your product than bringing out a new line of products. Consolidate first then diversify later or business cash flow problems will stop you in your tracks.


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