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Company Voluntary Arrangement Definition

A Company Voluntary Arrangement definition can be defined as a legally binding, formal agreement with a company’s creditors under the 1986 insolvency Act.

However, a Company Voluntary Arrangement definition has been said to be …”a scheming plot that robs creditors blind” by one obviously upset creditor that shall remain nameless.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement definition that was judged to be far the best by the cynics was …”never in the field of insolvency was so much promised to so many by so few” .

This was a little harsh but it paints a picture.

Everyone has an opinion and no matter which Company Voluntary Arrangement definition is taken onboard, as the Americans say,…Our minds are like parachutes and and only work when open.

Don’t you just hate those slick sound bites that are really true?

But to put a lid on it, a Company Voluntary Arrangement definition is the most practical and painless way that a company director can use to solve business cash flow problems.

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