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Winding up Petition

It is strange how attitudes change over time. A call to use legal action against Greenpeace used to be always in the papers. Then France sunk the ship, Rainbow Warrior in 1985 in Auckland Harbour to prevent Greenpeace from disrupting French Nuclear testing in French Polynesia.  Now Nuclear testing is the bad guy and we listen to Greenpeace. Nobody would even consider the thought of issuing, in the public interest, a winding up petition against Greenpeace.

A winding up petition is a mighty weapon but one that has to used with caution.  A winding up petition is normally used as a debt collection tool, even though that use is frowned upon in court, as a winding up petition is designed to petition other companies to join in closing a company down.

Greenpeace has now carried tests on herbal medicines from China and found that out of 65 herbs tested, 51 contained pesticides with 26 having chemicals classified as “extremely or highly hazardous”. China is the worlds largest user of pesticides and the Government allows the growth of herbal crops without any pesticide regulation.  This type of information is critical in a global market. Any UK importer of such herbal medicines should be hit with a winding up petition immediately as it endangers people’s lives. Although, knowingly eating snakes, cats and dogs probably makes the immune system look forward to new diet of pesticides.

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