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What is a Winding up Petition

What is a winding up petition is a question that can indicate that things are not going terribly well for you. It is surprising that even some accountants do not understand the process.

If a creditor issues a winding up petition against your company then they are essentially trying to shove you down a very deep hole and one that they don’t want you to crawl out of. But they’ll know by that time that you’ll know the answer to what is a winding up petition!

If you have been served a winding up petition then its not the end of the world. If you are wanting to save your business then we’d like you to think of it as an opportunity.  We know  how to  turn your company around in four fast weeks.

Working with TaxGone, it’ll be your debts that will be thrown into a bottomless pit, not your company. So if you want to know the real practical answers to what is a winding up petition and how to stop one in it’s tracks the call 01302 815846 and start to fight back.


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