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Adjourn a Winding up Petition parrot fashion

In order to adjourn a winding up petition in the companies court, you need a good reason. When the court is filled with winding up petitions, the atmosphere can be very tense. If you are a company director listening to a petition on your company then it can be daunting.

The cases are read out like parrot fashion, it’s fast and furious and it’s easy to miss your turn if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Having more time to pay is not always a good reason to adjourn a winding up petition as the Judge may tell you that you have already had plenty of time since the petition was served. Any request upon those lines would have to be supported with substantial evidence to prove that you would not be wasting court time.

If the winding up petition is at the first hearing stage then a competent barrister should have no difficulty in the attempt to adjourn a winding up petition. But be warned, many seeking an adjournment do fail at the first attempt.

Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 to be certain that you have done everything that you can to adjourn a winding up petition. There are specialists in this field and just as you wouldn’t ask Vinnie Jones to teach you how to play badminton, you wouldn’t ask a conveyancing solicitor how to adjourn a winding up petition.


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