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Company Voluntary Arrangement A Class Act

There are times when directors deserve an Oscar or two for dodging creditors. When this happens there is only going to be one outcome and that is a Winding up Petition.

If the creditor is HMRC then that outcome is even more likely. Instead of ducking and diving set up a Company Voluntary Arrangement as the days of The Godfather are long gone and horses are hard to get hold of.

Company Voluntary Arrangement Help

TaxGone provides assistance at zero cost to directors and shareholders of small to medium businesses throughout the UK in the preparation of Company Voluntary Arrangements.

TaxGone arranges for the adjournment of winding up petitions, especially when issued by HMRC.

The adjournment period allows for the preparation of a Company Voluntary Arrangement. A Company Voluntary Arrangement can include all unsecured debts, including HMRC.

Redundancies and certain leases may also be included.

This is the best route for a director as the company carries on trading and preserves the money that customers owe to the business.

Trading Whilst Insolvent - Talk To TaxGone Today

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