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Free Insolvency Advice From TaxGone

Get freedom with free insolvency advice. Some companies charge for insolvency advice which is fine if the client is a major company, as the work involved may run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. But when we are talking about small businesses then why charge.

You wouldn’t pay a plumber to give you a quote to fix a leak. It’s no different. Free insolvency advice remember, is also a pitch for work.

Because the nature of insolvency problems means that the client is often desperate to have the up problems resolved, there is a tendency for the client to grab at the first given solution.

Free Insolvency Advice From TaxGone

This can also be a mistake especially when the client may feel obliged to instruct the advisor having been given free insolvency advice.

You’re in charge – keep it that way. How do you know what is the right decision if you have only spoken to one advisor? You don’t, so take your time and then decide.

Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and pick our brains and then compare us to our competition.

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