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Wag your tail going into a CVA

Some bright spark scientists claim to have worked out what tail wagging on dogs indicates, maybe your dog has figured out your company is going into a CVA and has configured the wag accordingly, two right wags followed by an up and down movement we believe.

This is quality research and we can really see a time when the “Observer book of dog wags” hits the shelves, it would be a sell out for sure and we can’t wait for the Kindle version as we would really love to know what someone’s pit bull is thinking before it launches it’s attack on a pretty face!

7 Magical Powers Of A CVA

Following some research into the various noises made by company directors under pressure from creditors, although sometimes they are hard to decipher due to their heads being firmly embedded in the sand, we have found the following:-

There is a plaintive cry as another envelope marked HMRC drops onto the mat, followed by a mournful groan as the contents are read and digested, followed by tears of joy because you decided to do something about it and you know your company is going into a CVA, and the pressure release valve is already working!

So if you are contemplating going into a CVA call TaxGone as we are experts in the matter, we can teach old dogs new tricks, but only if you pull your head out of the sand and call us!

Wag your tail going into a cva - Talk To TaxGone Today


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