A Corporate Accountant’s work is not always easy as Accountants have to rely on being presented with paperwork from their clients and produce conclusions based upon that paperwork.

Very often, that paperwork is at the best wrong or at worst missing and yet our insolvency clients often tell us – “it’s the Accountant’s fault” – They are hardly going to blame themselves, are they!

TaxGone is one of the leading insolvency consultants in the UK and work alongside many Accountants when one of their clients finds that they have a sudden or historic company cash flow problem.

We are not in a rush to sign up cases and so we are very happy to sit down with your client either at your office, your client’s office or at our office – the choice is yours. As we do not make any charges for the provision of our core services, then there is no pressure at our meetings.

Our ethos is rescue. We rarely advise voluntary liquidation unless the insolvent company is way beyond help or the director is on the brink of a breakdown. If there’s a “pulse” then there’s a solution. We do not approach any meetings with the cynical view of “ripping out the debtor’s book”

We assist many of our clients in obtaining adjournments for winding up petitions in the Chancery Courts across the UK. In fact we believe that we are one of the leading insolvency consultants in this area.

We do not have an Accountancy side to our business and so your client will not be poached at a later date. An Accountant and his client are a team and we simply want to make that bond stronger.

We prefer Accountants to maintain an active role with their clients whilst we assist, so that the insolvency knowledge helps any future cases. We have a number of Accountants that rely on our free service to profile the insolvency status of their clients on an annual basis.

If most accountants have 10% of their client base bordering on insolvency then this service helps the client and protects your fees.

For more information contact TaxGone today on: 01302 815846 and come visit us at our offices.

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