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  "Our business was faced with a difficult situation that became out of the control due to short timeframes - Through TaxGone we were able to enter into an arrangement, fully resolve the dispute and protect a significant proportion of the creditor balances." Maintenance Firm - Ipswich   "After being almost shafted by "BT" not the telecoms BT, it was a pleasant surprise to deal with you and your staff." Engineering Firm - Bury   "The advice and service I received was excellent, and very reassuring, at a very stressful time." Taxi Firm - Leicestershire   "Your service for my voluntary liquidation was excellent. It is a highly stressful and confusing process to go through. Your staff were considerate and patient. They explained the process carefully and it was the first time in over a year that I fully understood it." Website Production Company - Leeds   "Incredible people, incredible service, sometimes CVA may be your best choice." Textile Firm - Manchester   "Alan Davis was very helpful and both business like and friendly." Clothing Firm - Surrey   "Very friendly company and quite happy" Furniture Company - London   "TaxGone offer not just a professional service, but go above and beyond what is required by their clients, to make you feel there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bleak things seem." Building Company - Hampshire   "The representative who highlighted the problem in the first instance then proceeded to offer valuable advice in relation to resolving the matter in the most efficient and cost effective manner." Waste Management Company - Liverpool

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Business Debt Helpline Call TaxGone
by Ken Greenworth, 02/09/2014 | Permalink | Email this

The TaxGone business debt helpline is open during normal office hours and can deal with corporate debt that often is the major cause of stress for directors. There is no charge for a long conversation or meeting and we do not charge you any fees for company rescue packages.

Even if you call the business debt helpline just for an exploratory chat then we know that you will feel better. Surely that is worth picking the telephone up? What have you got to lose?

Many companies seek help from the business debt helpline from accountants and solicitors to engineering companies and shops. Whatever your business is – we can help.

Some companies try and sell you something that you don’t really want. That can cost you years of wasted time and money.

We give you the options for you to make your own mind up in your own time.

Call TaxGone business debt helpline on 01302 815846 for a friendly chat.

Business Debt Helpline


Company Administration Explosion
by Ken Greenworth, 01/09/2014 | Permalink | Email this

A company administration is the take over of control and management of a limited company by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner. If you want to save your business then look in the opposite direction to a company administration, unless of course, you want to blow up your business. If you are thinking about a Company Administration, then call TaxGone – we might just persuade you out of it, if we think that we can save your business. What have you got to lose? Give TaxGone a call on 01302 815846 and we'll show you how to defuse your business problems. Company Administration Explosion

Company Voluntary Arrangement
by Ken Greenworth, 30/08/2014 | Permalink | Email this

The sky's the limit when you decide to propose a Company Voluntary Arrangement. You may have been struggling for many months, even years. Your cash flow may have become a trickle and your creditors may have lost their temper with you more times than you care to remember. You have probably often wondered why you even get out of bed in the morning. A Company Voluntary Arrangement can change all this in a few short weeks. And yet many directors choose to put up with the misery and pain of carrying on down the same destructive path of that leads to poverty. Company Voluntary Arrangement Help Instead of this, things could look up and your business could flourish with a Company Voluntary Arrangement. Most Company Voluntary Arrangements would cost you far less than the debt owed. That's why they can set you free. You're still confused - so don't be! Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and start living.

Start Appointing a Liquidator
by Ken Greenworth, 29/08/2014 | Permalink | Email this

There are over 50 directors a day that are appointing a liquidator. You are not alone. The decision may be based on their accountant's advice or that of a friend. But there is no doubt that wherever the advice did come from, the decision was not an easy one.

Appointing a liquidator is one of those very simple tasks that can have a complicated outcome for a director. There are always pieces missing out of a jigsaw and those pieces are really the bits you need in order to see the full picture.

The Liquidation Process

The missing jigsaw pieces are probably those that can complicate your life. One piece may be related to what the vat will do on your next company, the other may be related to a director's loan account, whilst the third missing piece may be about dividends.

These are key pieces that you should have been given before appointing a liquidator. Without these missing pieces it is very likely that you will be in a worse position after appointing a liquidator than before.

Call TaxGone on: 01302 815846 and have a dry run so that you can see the full picture first.

Business Cash Flow Problems
by Ken Greenworth, 28/08/2014 | Permalink | Email this

Business cash flow problems are increasing day by day and there are not many solutions to be found. If you run your own business and are having thoughts about borrowing money to reduce your company debts, then don't. Things may get worse and you could be saddled with that debt which may result in you having to sell your house. Instead of borrowing the money, look at a Company Voluntary Arrangement and protect your personal money.

Business cash flow problesm

Don’t let your business sink lower and lower just for the sake of not researching a Company Voluntary Arrangement.  This will probably write off debt with the balance repayable over 5 years. Now that would sort your business cash flow problems out!

Winding up a Limited Company
by Ken Greenworth, 27/08/2014 | Permalink | Email this

You received notice that HMRC is winding up a limited company. That is not unusual except that it’s your company. The petition may have been advertised today and if so every man and his dog has called you and your head is really spinning. You don’t know who is your friend and who is the enemy. You have never had as many offers for help. What’s in it for them? Why do they deal with winding up a limited company problems?You have never had as many offers for help. What’s in it for them? Why do they deal with winding up a limited company problems?

Winding up a limited Company - Talk to TaxGone

It’s time to stand back and think really hard. Most directors that we deal with at TaxGone don’t want to liquidate their company – you can if you want as the costs are from £3,500, but most want to save their business. That’s what we are great at. You need to consider the most important issue. You have HMRC winding up a limited company – yours. You don’t want a stranger acting for you. The chances are that you won’t have a choice, as if you already knew someone, then you probably would not be in this predicament. So if you have to choose a stranger then at least choose one that has a Duty of Care to shareholders. Remember that when the petition is advertised, your bank may be notified and it will probably freeze your bank account. That could close your business before the hearing date of the Winding up Petition. Talk To TaxGone Today    

Frozen Bank Account Help
by Ken Greenworth, 26/08/2014 | Permalink | Email this

A frozen bank account can leave you cold! You probably never thought that it could happen and you probably never took precautions in case it did. If the frozen bank account was as a result of an advertised winding up petition, then we can help you. We can assist you in applying for a validation order that will allow you to access your funds for various purposes. This will keep your company trading whilst you decide the next course of action for dealing with the winding up petition. If your frozen bank account is giving you grief then call TaxGone on: 01302 815846 and we’ll try to make life so much simpler for you. Talk To TaxGone Today

Trading Insolvently
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Trading insolvently is illegal but thousands of companies, including our banks, do it all the time. The problem starts when your company receives a winding up petition and that's when your personal liabilities could kick in. This could even result in losing your house. One of the repercussions of trading insolvently is that you could be held responsible for the debts in the business, lifting the veil of insolvency. If you think that you are in this position and are trading insolvently, or just want to stop a winding up petition, then call TaxGone on 01302 815846 for a chat. Talk To TaxGone Today

Closing A Limited Company
by Ken Greenworth, 24/08/2014 | Permalink | Email this

You must take care when closing a limited company. Ever been in a lift and wrongly hit the close button as people enter the lift? The decision taken when closing limited company can be that quick. The decision can trap people, especially yourself. Have you discussed dividends, director loan accounts and inappropriate expenses before deciding to start closing limited company? You haven’t? Don’t you think you should? Many directors tell us that the company that they have spoken to for advice has told them not to worry about these things as it will go away. No it won’t! If you are a debtor to your own company then you have to pay the money back to the creditors – whoever you use! That’s why options are so important. There is rarely one option. You owe it to yourself to explore every option before deciding to start closing a limited company. If you do decide to liquidate then the costs are from £3,500 plus vat. Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and we’ll give you the best elevator pitch that you've ever had without taking you for a ride. Talk To TaxGone Today

Insolvency Help Right Here
by Ken Greenworth, 23/08/2014 | Permalink | Email this

If you are getting out the begging bowl for your business then you need insolvency help fast. Sometimes expenditure has to be met at the expense of company creditors. This may not be legal but it is often a practical solution that some directors feel that they have to take. Insolvency Help   Insolvency help that rescues your company does not normally cost you anything so what have you got to lose? What may to some directors be an impossible situation to get out of, to an advisor giving insolvency advice the problem may be solved through a simple solution. So don’t bury your head in the sand when sanctuary may just be around the corner. So if you need insolvency help because your creditors are pushing for a payment then Call TaxGone on: 01302 815846 and we will help you straight away.  

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