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  "Our business was faced with a difficult situation that became out of the control due to short timeframes - Through TaxGone we were able to enter into an arrangement, fully resolve the dispute and protect a significant proportion of the creditor balances." Maintenance Firm - Ipswich   "After being almost shafted by "BT" not the telecoms BT, it was a pleasant surprise to deal with you and your staff." Engineering Firm - Bury   "The advice and service I received was excellent, and very reassuring, at a very stressful time." Taxi Firm - Leicestershire   "Your service for my voluntary liquidation was excellent. It is a highly stressful and confusing process to go through. Your staff were considerate and patient. They explained the process carefully and it was the first time in over a year that I fully understood it." Website Production Company - Leeds   "Incredible people, incredible service, sometimes CVA may be your best choice." Textile Firm - Manchester   "Alan Davis was very helpful and both business like and friendly." Clothing Firm - Surrey   "Very friendly company and quite happy" Furniture Company - London   "TaxGone offer not just a professional service, but go above and beyond what is required by their clients, to make you feel there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bleak things seem." Building Company - Hampshire   "The representative who highlighted the problem in the first instance then proceeded to offer valuable advice in relation to resolving the matter in the most efficient and cost effective manner." Waste Management Company - Liverpool

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HMRC Time to Pay
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No matter what time it is, it's always later than you think! An HMRC time to pay demand always is a pain as it often comes at the wrong time. But there is never a good time! Great HMRC time to pay deals are long gone and the pressure for tax collection is greater than ever. Their patience has run out and a winding up petition may be their next step. If you have received an HMRC time to pay demand then call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and we'll show you how you might be able to write off some of the debt.

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Business Liquidator
by Ken Greenworth, 18/04/2014 | Permalink | Email this

Don't be under an illusion about any business liquidator. They all will leave no stone unturned in order to investigate the activities of a director when liquidating their company. A business liquidator has a duty to the creditors to do this. So if you have been paid dividends in the last two years or have an overdrawn directors loan account or even have run up excessive expenses, then a business liquidator will be asking some awkward questions. There are other options than having a business liquidator on the other side of the table. Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and find out more.

HMRC Tax Advice
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Most company directors either want or need HMRC tax advice. However you may as well ask a headless mannequin for answers rather than HMRC as you will either not be able to get through on the telephone or if you do, not receive an answer that's helpful. You will probably be referred to their website! Remember, it's not their job to advise you. If you owe HMRC back taxes exceeding £20,000 and need HMRC tax advice then call Call TaxGone on 01302 815846. We'll make sure that we have our heads well and truly screwed on when we give you great HMRC tax advice so that we can help you to keep your company trading.

Business Rescue Services
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Business rescue services come in all shapes and sizes. Most service providers just want your money. We do too but in order to get it, we have to perform and succeed first. Now that's a breath of fresh air. Some Business rescue services don't have the right resources to save your business. In fact, they may not even try. Just as we wouldn't drive an open top smart car in the British weather, we wouldn't try to persuade you to either. But some business rescue services advocate liquidation but would avoid it themselves in favour of keeping their company trading with the assistance of a rescue package. Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and we can arrange a meeting to keep you trading.

Stop a Winding up Petition
by Ken Greenworth, 15/04/2014 | Permalink | Email this

To stop a winding up petition you need the right tools as you do with any task. You might have seen the winding up petition coming like a train that you couldn't stop or you might have thought that if the train was coming, it wouldn't be much of one. Well, if you have a winding up petition sat on your desk, then you were wrong! If you want to stop a winding up petition then you need to go for an adjournment unless you either don't want your company or have the money to pay off the debt.  The chances are that you want to keep on trading but don't have all of the demanded money available at the present time. You may even be persuaded to liquidate when you don't really want to. You may have not been made aware of the alternatives. You may not even know how to stop a winding up petition. Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 to avoid the train that you really don't want to get on and to allow us to put you back on the right tracks.

Company Insolvency Advice
by Ken Greenworth, 14/04/2014 | Permalink | Email this

This is Henry the Sea Gull and he may be better at giving you company insolvency advice than some companies out there!  Simply saying nothing may be better company insolvency advice than what seems to be the repetitive chorus of "Liquidation and Administration" You have worked hard to build up your business so why end it here?  Company insolvency advice should provide avenues to keep your company trading, with you in charge and with the creditors writing off debt - and it does if you get the correct company insolvency advice. Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 or listen to Henry!

Liquidate my Company
by Ken Greenworth, 13/04/2014 | Permalink | Email this

When the iron gates are shut and most things of any worth are sold, the request is heard to "liquidate my company". There's nothing left to save, it's all gone. Customers have found new suppliers and talented workers have sourced new jobs. It's game over. But did it need to be that way? Could a different route have been chosen? Yes it could. Instead of making the call to "Liquidate my company" - you could have asked - "Save my company" the result could have been so different. But if your call still is to "Liquidate my company" then fine. The cost is from £3,500 plus Vat. Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and we can help to set this up for you.

Help with Business Debt
by Ken Greenworth, 12/04/2014 | Permalink | Email this

Every business needs help with business debt. Sometimes your accountant can do this whilst other times you may need an Insolvency consultant to help out a little. Getting help with business debt is easy - just call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and we'll come running. You don't need a couple of grisly bears to threaten and intimidate your customers into paying up so as to ease your cash flow. You need a plan. The important thing to remember is that you may be advised to liquidate or place your company into administration. This may be the best advice, but equally - it may not. You can ask your creditors to write off debt and spread the remaining balance, without interest, over a 60 day repayment plan. This includes all HMRC debt. Now would that give you help with business debt?

Business Debt Solutions
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Getting that matching Bentley isn't actually going to help towards your business debt solutions. Ok, there may be a bit of Ying and Yang going on in acquiring a set, but it's really not going to be one of your better business debt solutions. In fact it may even annoy your creditors a tad. If legal action is taken by your creditors then your actions may evolve from being selfish to fraudulent. So better business debt solutions need to be implemented. Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and we'll show you how to turn your business around in a few short weeks so that one day you may even be able to buy that Bentley with your head held up high.

Company Insolvent
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Company insolvent are not two words that sit happily together. In fact a shiver usually accompanies them as the consequences are all to frightening. The thought of swapping shopping habits and having to buy from Charity shops rather than your favourite store is a wake up call. But if you have a company insolvent situation then you must act straight away rather than burying your head in the sand and hoping that a solution will come and find you - it won't! Call TaxGone on 01302 815846 and discuss your company insolvent problems and we'll show you how you can give to charity rather than use their shops.

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