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TaxGone does not charge fees to clients for any of it’s three main products and is one of the largest providers of Company Voluntary Arrangements in the UK.

We help businesses that have financial difficulties to recover, companies with turnovers up to twenty million form the basis of our client base.

One of our specialities is performing under late instructions, especially with Winding up Petitions and bailiff action.

If you have company debt problems then we can give you the best help setting up a Company Voluntary Arrangement; company tax debt as well as trade supplier debt can be included in a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Come and visit our offices and meet the whole team that can resolve your business cash flow problem. You may have been told that a voluntary liquidation is the best course of action.

But is your business worth the time to discover if that is the truth? Come and meet some of the most experienced insolvency consultants in the UK.

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What's a CVA?

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a legally binding financial agreement.

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CVA Chart

Want to understand the CVA process with Tax Gone?

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Don't know the in's and out's off CVA, have a read over our handy FAQ.

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Magical Powers Of a CVA

A company Voluntary Arrangement really does have magical powers.

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CVA In Depth

The world of insolvency is wrapped in mystique. With this website you will be able to understand exactly what you should be paying for.

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